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Шматразовая сумка з баваўнянай сеткі

Час: 2021-03-10 Праглядаў: 84

Наколькі вядома, баваўняны матэрыял заўсёды карыстаецца вялікай папулярнасцю ва ўсім свеце. Ён шырока выкарыстоўваецца ў многіх галінах. У асноўным выкарыстоўваецца для адзення і сумак. 

Material manufactures develop new items for bag making material. It looks like a net. Cotton net is a mesh cotton layer formed in the output part of the cotton coil after carding and drawing by carding machine and combing machine.


The cotton mesh material is soft, environmental, flexible, durable and washable, so it is welcomed. This material is now widely used for shopping tote bags. And the woven methods of the handle and the bag body are different. But they are both cotton material. 


Bag body material on the left and handle material on the right


This is the bag shape recently popular all over the world. The sizes can be customized.


The material can be done with different colors. And most material producers always keep some stocks for some normally needed colors.


For the handle, it can be different lengths.


For this kind of bag, it can be used to pack some different things and can be used in different occasions.